Orders Tracking For Your WordPress Website

Tracking For Your WordPress Website

“Shipment Tracking, Tracking, and Order Tracking for WooCommerce – ParcelPanel” by Parcel Panel appears to be a robust and feature-rich plugin with several benefits for WooCommerce merchants. Some noteworthy aspects include the free plan, GDPR readiness, workflow optimization, and the extensive support for over 1110 global carriers. The inclusion of features like auto-syncing, auto-matching couriers, multiple tracking numbers per order, and seamless integration with dropshipping and shipping plugins make it a comprehensive solution for enhancing the post-purchase experience. The order lookup widget, proactive shipping notifications, and a comprehensive dashboard add further value for users. Overall, it seems to be a good tool for optimizing order tracking and management in WooCommerce.

“Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce” by zorem is a powerful plugin designed to streamline and automate the fulfillment workflow in WooCommerce. Key features include the ability to optimize order statuses, such as renaming “Completed” to “Shipped” and introducing a custom “Partially Shipped” status for orders shipped in separate packages. The plugin offers a Tracking Info Widget that sends customizable shipping information to customers, displayed in order status emails and on the View Order page. Users can easily add and manage multiple tracking numbers per order, fulfill orders while adding tracking information, and choose from over 300 predefined shipping providers with tracking links. Additionally, the plugin supports Shipment Tracking API for third-party service integration and enables the import of tracking information from CSV files, reducing manual effort and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

“Orders Tracking for WooCommerce” by VillaTheme is a robust plugin tailored for WooCommerce shop owners, offering seamless order management and tracking. With integration for over 80 global shipping carriers, the plugin enables the effortless addition, editing, and tracking of orders through automatic URL generation. Customizable tracking emails and SMS notifications enhance customer experience, while WooCommerce and PayPal integrations simplify order processing. The plugin supports third-party tracking services and provides a dedicated tracking page. With features like bulk operations, manual tracking additions, and order details display, it provides a comprehensive solution for efficient and customer-friendly order tracking in WooCommerce.


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